Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pearl sandwiches

How did it looked on me? ;-)

Has been looking for these pearl beads for a long time and
chanced upon them on the last trip to chinatown.

This design is also not my idea, but a design i seen on a huge
advertisement in a shopping centre. However, it is
definitely not the same material used, maybe not even same
on how it is made.

Here's another look.

商场的大型广告, 但材料和做法肯定不一样。还可以吧?


bACk in GERMANY said...

Just one word: Lovely!

Ehh... my b'day is coming up!!!! hint, hint! ;)

sherlyn said...

hehe, somethings are nice from far and far from nice.

You can look at this one close up and if you like and don't mind having one the same as mine (cos i like this also mah, else i wun make it), then I can make one same one for u ;-) but I guess it will be later then your birthday liao.

So, Happy Birthday in advance.

sherlyn said...

hmm and i forgot .. thanks for your compliments (tired and getting old too)

June said...

nice design. can't find your email address in my email program. try looking at this http://www.sparklethots.com/shop/

sherlyn said...

Thanks bbhome. I do hv this website in my reading list.. but seldom refer .. actually i followed xx (cant remember the name) till it merged into sparkletots.

Esther said...

Hi Sherlyn

The necklace you did is very nice, simple and elegant.
I came across this website that do 串珠 also. Here is it, maybe you can take a look. http://www.euphocafe.com/

sherlyn said...

Thank you esther, and also thanks for the website .. now too tired to visit .. will do tmr nite. dh say age catching up *sigh*

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