Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Mothers' Day cake - Peach cheesecake

Another reason to bake a cake - Mothers' Day.

Read about this easy recipe at small small baker's blog. I
always like easy recipe, so even thou the cheese cost me $5
(so expensive, sob sob) but I still go ahead with this Peach

Had a new heartshape loose bottom pan, 6 inch, just nice for
this recipe. Here's the cake.

Really very easy to complete (but I bake till the top cracked!),
very suitable for lazy people like me. One thing I find it
puzzling, biscuit base, fridge to harden, then bake it again
(the butter melt leh), so thou it turn out fine, but i feel the
biscuit base is a little soggy. Here's the cross section view.

Now I have the other half of cheese left, shd I make another
but omit the egg (cos i do not want to bake it)? I suppose the
egg act as a "binding agent" so if without the egg, will the
cheese and yogurt mixture bind? Or shd I make the cheese
muffin in  small small baker's last post. Thank you small small
baker for the recipes.

母亲节, 为自己烘了个芝士蛋糕. 步骤不难,不妨试试哦.


Small Small Baker said...

Hi Sherlyn, what a coincidence! I also use peaches to make a Mother's day cake. I like the heart shape cake pan. Good for occasions like this. The cream cheese muffins really good, you should try it!

sherlyn said...

Thanks SSB. Just saw your mother's day cake at your blog. So lovely. Definitely much much better looking than mine.

Can see the cream cheese muffin good, but it doesnt use up all the 125g of cheese, so i made another peach cheesecake. Will leave the cheese muffin when the cream cheese goes on sales. keke.

Happy Homebaker said...

I love to use peaches for my cakes as my kids like them...and it is so convenience...unlike other fruits like strawberries (most of the time I got sour ones!) and raspberries (too expensive and not easily available!).

sherlyn said...

True abt getting tasty strawberries, but I see that your strawberries are always very red, at least they look so good .. but those that I get from NTUC always has bruises. However, it is a pity the peaches i got are canned ones.

goh said...

Hi Sherlyn,

Your cakes looks very nice. Thumbs up to u. You should post your cakes at Clementitalk.com


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