Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lovely Pearly Earrings

I never realise mixing pearl with crystal can be so pretty (ok, its
my own opinion).

Anyway, this earring is so simple to make. I hope to wear it
when i dress in a more girlish way.

Purposely chosen a simple earring hook. I think the previous
ones too old fashioned.

耳环漂亮吗?是我做的, 但不难哦。喜欢?去找材料自己做吧。


serena said...

I like these earrings. Very you. I would have prefer something more chunky and longer. Make one for me? Hee.. kidding. When I go back to my studies, won't have time to pop in so often so do bear with me for 1 and the half year.

sherlyn said...

Very me meh? Its true that i dun really fancy too chunky ones, but i do like long ones, esp the one i see u wearing when we met at the library , the long silvery one. So classy.

This design also see from book, not from my brain, just happen to hv the "ingredients" so make them.

chunky earring, if i do see one design and make it, and u see it and like it, do ask from me then ;-)

1.5 years .... thats a long time leh .. ok all the best to your studies.

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