Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pumpkin cake in cups

I chanced upon this pumpkin cake from the blog (Pure enjoyment) by KWF.
I always like mixer free bakes, and pumpkin is a very nutritious fruit/vegetable that I would like my kids to take. They do not like pumpkins cooked in anyway (so do I) and since they love cakes, this would be a good try to get them take in pumpkin. I have learnt that the size of cake pan matters in the success rate of the cake, but I really do not have the right size loaf pan, so I give it a try with the cups. I chose the original recipe but replace caster with brown sugar since I feel that brown sugar is healthier.

Look at the shimmering tops of the pumpkin "cup" cake. A pity I did not take note of the time that I use躲 on this batch.

My girl and hubby love it, so did my mother. I also gave a few to my boy's classmate's mummy and she too commented that it is good. I think it is a little too sweet (not sure if its the sugar or pumpkin, but the raw pumpkin is sweet) and it is too oily ... perhaps I have omited the ground nuts, thats why? My boy didn't really like the taste, and I am not sure if it is the aroma from the brown sugar. I told him I will give it a go with caster sugar just for him.

I have just gotten hold of ground hazelnut and the right size loaf pan. Will buy pumpkin tomorrow then will have to find a time to bake it. I think I am also going to get this book.

Here's the dissected pumpkin cake.


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