Sunday, March 22, 2009

The mixer is sick, so am I.

It has been a month since I last posted.

There is this fine day, while trying to beat the egg white for a cake I can't remember now, I saw speckles of black dots, tiny tiny little ones on the foam. Then when I tilted the mixer blade away from the batter, a curvy shiny piece, 1/4 of a small circle's circumfrence drop out from no where. The mission is immdiately aborted and investigation is carried out but no result. The mixer has been shelved since then. Should I get a kitchenAid now? My mum suggested to block out all the outlets on the mixer motor body with cloth and continue to use, after all, the output is only for own consumption.

Why kitchenaid? Cos I like the mixer bowl and the balloon whisk. Most mixer comes with a rather flat base mixer bowl and I think balloon whisk gives a better mixed batter. My current kenwood did not give me that. Can my baking friends and readers give some comments and suggestion?

Besides mixer being sick, I am also down with a fever for 10 days now. It started last thursday with 38.5 then went up to 39 and 40 degree celcius. I am totally handicapped, relying on hubby to manage the kids with my mother and mother doubles up as cook. I have finish at least 30 capsules of panadol and has also lost my voice. Just when I decide to do a blood test today that the temperature fell to 37.5. Will wait and see now.

Been wanted to post this necklace up. It has been strung since quite some time back but I did not do the finishing till late.

I hope to recover soon and have the decision confirmed on the mixer.

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