Friday, June 11, 2010

3 works combo post - Chocolate mousse, chocolate coated cornflakes, lemon cupcakes

I am still making and baking but too lazy to blog. What have I done?

I made Nigella's instant chocolate mousse. I spent quite some time finding mini mashmallows and gave up after awhile and bought big ones to cut into smaller pieces. I think the reason behind using mini is for easy melting? Anyway, I got to try reduce mashmallows to see if it affects the final product. The mousse is oh sooooo sweeeet.

Not sure what got over me, but the process in making did not go so smooth. First, I am not sure if I measured the chocolate chips correctly. I am using my going to expire coverture chocolate buttons. I totally forgot how much did I measure out just 5 minutes after measuring (blame it on pregnancy). I also over whipped my Bulla Pure cream, and even thou I sourced for recovery way (which is to add more cream and whip somemore - according to internet searches) but I did not have enough "raw material" to try. So in order to try bringing it back to a more liquid state, I try adding milk. Sorry, that doesn't quite work. So in the end, I still go ahead to add the melted chocolate and then just stir and fridge the final product. You may click her website to get the recipe or refer to below.

Nigella's Instant Chocolate Mousse (Serving Size : Serves 4–6)


150g mini marshmallows
50g soft butter
250g good dark chocolate (minimum 70% cocoa solids), chopped into small pieces
60ml hot water from a recently boiled kettle
1 x 284ml tub double cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1.Put the marshmallows, butter, chocolate and water in a heavy-based saucepan.
2.Put the saucepan on the hob, over heat, though keep it fairly gentle, to melt the contents, stirring every now and again. Remove from the heat.
3.Meanwhile, whip the cream with the vanilla extract until thick, and then fold into the cooling chocolate mixture until you have a smooth, cohesive mixture.
4.Pour or scrape into 4 glasses or ramekins, about 175ml each in capacity, or 6 smaller (125ml) ones, and chill until you want to eat. The sooner the better!

Here is sharing my Nigella's Instant Chocolate Mousse.

I still have marshmallows, and I hope to try again since I did not whip my cream properly. It still taste very much a mousse thou. I hope I can get a 284ml double cream too. The Bulla Pure Cream is 200ml only and I have to adjust the recipe according.

Next in line, I made Chocolate coated Cornflakes cookies (ya, trying to use up the expiring chocolate buttons). My son got 2 packets of K-diet (I think so) cornflakes from his school's health event. Cornflakes sure do not go well with coffee that I need every morning. I google for recipes, and some uses butter, some just use chocolate. So to simplify my job, I chose one with just chocolate.

I melt the chocolate over hot water, and crushed the cornflakes a little before I pour them into the melted chocolate. After much stirring, I put them into the paper cups, then put them into the fridge after the kids sprinkle the color balls. I think without the colours, the chocolate cornflakes are so boring.

(Sad annoucement : the cornflake cookies turn moldy the next day in the air tight container. Likely reason (after much discussion with friends in FB) : condensation happened after I took them out to room temperature as advised by the recipe, so the mold. Damage : half portion gone.)

In remembrance of the tasty chocolate coated cornflakes cookies.

(Maybe I used wrong chocolate too? Perhaps the normal eating chocolate will do better.)

Besides the above, I baked the lemon cupcakes again. It is still a hit. Just out from oven, the kids ate two each, and today (2nd day) they ate 2 each again. They still say the cupcakes are yummy. I did not have time to do the frosting, but previous batch, I did the frosting. Here are the frosted cupcakes.

Very pretty with the color balls though the frosting are not well done. Has sandy texture in the mouth perhaps due to the icing sugar as it is just whip by hand. My friend advised me to whip by mixer, so I hope to try again and have the extras on swiss roll or something. The kids love the frosting!

So back to the 2nd try. This time, not much different from the previous. I am not busy today so I can witness the whole baking process. The batter starts to "melt" about 5 minutes into baking, and starts rising about 15 minutes into baking. The cakes finally looked baked with brownish top after 30 minutes. I think I must buy a new oven thermometer to test the temperature of my oven.

Ta Da! The cupcakes. This time, the batter is nicely distributed (by luck and chance!) resulting in a good shaped cupcake.

My kids asked for frosting, but I really do not have time. Hmm... now I am hungry.


Small Small Baker said...

Same here, I couldn't find any mini marshmallows and have to cut the big ones for my brownie pizza. Did I read that you are pregnant? Congrats!! :)

sherlyn said...

Dear SSB,

No I am not pregnant but I have been having bad memory after these two kids. Books said that pregnancy causes memory to deteriorate, and it seems true to me.

Did you cut your marshmallows too? They do not looked cut .. you must have put in alot of effort in making them look nice after cutting :)

Angie said...


sherlyn said...


謝謝。味道還好啦。合我孩子口味最重要。哈哈。不然自己吃完,我就完蛋了。 嘻嘻。

sherlyn said...

哦,Angie, 謝謝光臨。

Aimei said...

your lemon cupcakes look as good as ever... :)

sherlyn said...

Thank you Aimei. The recipe is easy for me to follow I think. I am sure you can produce better results if you use her recipe. :-)

Esther said...

your chocolate mousse looks good, so do your lemon cupcakes ... yum yum :-) at first I hv the same feeling as SSB that you are pregnant! ... only to find that we perceive wrongly .. haha .. how good if it is true ;-P

sherlyn said...

Thank you Esther .. you are churning out good stuffs too. :-)

Ya pregnant is fun .. you get to eat all you want but another kid is another headache ... sigh ...

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