Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back by popular demand

This is the 3rd time in such a short period that I have bake the same thing. The kids love it so much that they keep requesting me to do it again but actually they love the icing more! So today, the only day in the week with no housework planned in the routine, I set up everything and made them - Rachel Allen's Lemon Cupcakes.

I still have not got my oven thermometer (and now GSS is over... sigh) so I just rely on the manual but the cupcakes still took abt 40 minutes to be brown to my satisfaction. I timed, it took about half hour to get the batter ready to be scooped to cups. I hate to waste these waxed cups, but I have no chance to visit ikea yet.

The process is not of any difference from the previous two. I think I will scribble down the steps I took and the ingredients that I used in this post.

Ingredients for about 12 (I think 10 or 11 will be optimise)
1. Butter (soften) 125g
2. Sugar 125g
3. Eggs 2 nos
4. Lemon rind of half a lemon
5. Plain flour 150g
6. Baking powder 1/4 teaspoon

1. I creamed the butter till soft before adding in sugar.

2. I then further cream the mixture to pale and light, but not sure why the sugar really do not melt. Can still hear the grains rubbing against the stainless steel bowl! Why ah, sigh.

3. I grated in half a lemon's rind. (oh my broken english)

4. I added in the eggs one by one, 2nd egg after the mixture comes together again after the 1st egg. (Rachel says that adding eggs a little by a time allows the sugar and butter mixture to fully absorb the egg. She said that when she need to add 4 eggs into a mixture for marble cake.)

5. When the mixture comes together again (The mixture took sometime to come together after this 2nd egg for this time), I sifted in 150g plain flour (with 1/4 tsp baking powder).

6. Hand stir the mixture to incorporate the flour. Rachel says must be fast in this stage because baking powder will start acting once come into contact with liquid.

7. Scoop the completed batter into cup cases and send them into oven at 180 degree celsius. They are suppose to be done 18 to 20 minutes, but mine took 30 minutes to look cook and 10min more to be brown.

The first two times also took a long time to get brown, so I suspect it is due to the different cases. Rachel uses paper liner that is shallower and wider than my waxed cup that is smaller and taller. I suppose the waxed paper is thicker than paper liner. Isn't that a good reason for the delay in getting them cook?

Upon cooling, I noticed that the cakes shrunk. It became lower and came away from the sides of the cups. Have not tasted them yet, cos I made the sandy butter icing (ya hand stir again) and covered the top so that the kids can decorate the cakes (which are in the fridge now).

Here are the decorated ones.

Oh .. tired liao ...and still got the old post not posted. :-(


Small Small Baker said...

Maybe you should get an oven thermometer. I don't have one either, luckily my oven doesn't give to much trouble. Usually my cupcake takes 15 (small) to 20 minutes (big) to bake. I also use wax paper cases, cos I don't have a muffin tray to support the paper cases.

Esther said...

I will try out your recipe soon since you have baked it for the 3rd time! Must be very good...

sherlyn said...


So sorry to reply so late .. have been chasing HK drama (besides kids and time, haha) ..

Ya I have the intention .. but I have not got it done. I had one previously, but the glass broke so dare not use it .. but if an oven has hot spot, then the temperature reading will also not be accurate if I place the thermometer wrong place hor.

Now since the norm is 15 to 20 minutes .. I think I must really find out what is wrong with my oven keke.

sherlyn said...

Hi Esther,

I baked mostly because my kids love the icing .. Perhaps lemon also will make one have apetite like chilli? hehe

Anyway it is not too difficult ..

Olivia said...

hi great cupcakes... thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe

sherlyn said...

Hi Olivia,

Thanks for dropping by. As for recipe sharing, don't mention. I must thank Rachel Allen too. :)

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