Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beading works

I still have 45mins before battery of the laptop goes flat. I shall do a quick update on my beading hobby.

The challenge that me and my friend started up has stopped midway .. the previous/last challenge is to create something antique, as decided by my friend. The only item I have that fits the antique theme is the antique looking butterfly charm. I paired it up with a black square bead to make this simple earring.

I seriously think this is quite a nice pair, at least the design is not copied from somewhere. But then again, simple designs are everywhere, so I am sure someone else would have already made this design before. Still, I think this is a lovely pair. I made it all by my own mah. Even the twisted wire above the black bead is handmade.

Besides this "black beauty", I have another pair of earring that "majors" in black. The design is inspired by the lightings used in store (I think in Jurong Point). Simple, but that is what I like.

Enough of black yet? Black is one of my favourite colour. I like that it has slimming effect. So if you do not need the slimming effect, then go colourful. I made a bracelet (cannot remember where the inspiration came from) with bicones in the few colours I have. Yet another simple piece, and I hopes it can go with many different outfits.

I love making jewelries, but I usually do not wear them .. I hope one day these pieces I made will find someone who will be able to appreciate them.


Esther said...

very nice, very nice!!! teach me teach me

sherlyn said...


Sandy Ang said...

Such fab recipies ! Take a look at the giveaway on my blog.

Kate said...

What lovely jewelry! How special that you make your own. I think you should wear it!
Thank you also for leaving such a kind comment on my blog.

sherlyn said...

Kate, thank you for dropping by.
The weather in Singapore is too hot for me to dress up nicely and with two young kids in tow, not quite feasible to dress up in jewelry too. Perhaps when they grow older.
I really love your cards, and I hope one day, I will be able to do card making on top of beading and baking. :-)

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