Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Combined post - Handmix Chocolate muffin & Melt in mouth cookie

Please pardon me for being lazy, combining my bakes into a post, but these bakes are pretty straight forward.

Early April, when I should be trying out to bake a mango mousse cake for my boy's birthday, I chickened out and did a simpler one - chocolate chip muffins (which just requires me to hand mix wet into dry). I learnt from Happy Home Baking that it is called "two bowl muffin". The baking process was pretty plain sailing as far as I can remember but as usual the muffins took longer as stated to be cooked. Still wondering if that is the reason for the chocolate chips looking burnt. Anyway, hop over to HHB's website for her fantastic recipe on this bake. I should be trying this out again, half the recipe and make them as mini muffin. Here is sharing my result.

The gooey mix
The open cups
The results

the burnt chips

chocolatey muffins

Now, this is my latest bake and one of the most satisfied one. So satisfied with the results that I gave some away. It is the (drum rolls) melt-in-mouth German cookies. Look how it caught my attention when Small Small Baker did it. Furthermore, this recipe also uses an ingredient that has been sitting there for months after I bought it for a chinese dish- the potato starch.

The process is very straight forward as I have mentioned. The "rolling dough into a ball" part is also very fun,and I guess it is suitable as a parent and child bonding recipe. The baking process is not too long but since my oven tends to take longer time to bake, I baked for a longer period and the cookies became brown (when I should not have brown it). Despite this, the cookies are so yummy, so "melt in the mouth" that I cannot stop eating. The whole family gave thumbs up for this cookie too.  Now if you did not hop over to SSB's blog to get tempted, then let my "not so well taken" photo tempt you.

Now quick go try bake it. You will not regret.


Happy Homebaker said...

I will like to give this German cookies a try...looks really simple enough for me. maybe make a batch for my DH when he comes back this weekend.

sherlyn said...

Yes yes , pls try .. I came across a variant - cannot remember who, but a "branded" blogger too, she mix choco powder .. so become marble look .. nice .. maybe i shd make that too :)

My boy this morning ask me, what is this biscuit called and it is very tasty wor :) hehe

my dh also overseas, only back weekend, for the next 2 weeks at least.

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