Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Assortment - Mango pudding, pancake and biscuit

I must have gone crazy. Been thinking about baking and making desserts only. Then I eat and eat and eat and complain about getting fat. It is very difficult (*grin*) for me to find a time to exercise. You see, I wake at 6am daily to prep big boy to school, then I have to rush home to my still sleeping princess so that my dear hubby can go to work. I will then start the day dry mopping my house, prep girl breakie .. blah blah blah .. then prep lunch, and a whole day of housework plus squeezing in coaching then finally can sit down on sofa for TV after kids sleep. I cannot be exercising at this time cos I have showered. (*grin*)

Ok.. so what have I done this time. I made pancakes for breakfast few days ago. First time making my own! Serious. It has been in my mind after I watch Jamie's program where he shares the 1 cup recipe - one cup flour, one cup milk, and one egg. However I am not adventurous enough to follow his recipe of using any cup for measurement, so I went to ask my friend Lindy for her recipe. Guess what, she told me she did hers in 'agar-ation'. So in the end, I did 'rojak' - one egg, one cup flour and pour the milk (my friend's method) till the mixed batter is in the consistency  I want. I even added in a mashed banana halfway through pan frying because I am worried hubby do not like the banana taste. The pancake took quite a while to bubble (a signal that I should flip the pancake over to cook the other side), so perhaps it means my batter is a little too thick for the bubbles to break through. :-)

So here's the breakfast that the kids gave thumbs up that morning.

I also baked the "German Melt in the mouth" cookie again (now I feel like eating them again!). This time I did not use mixer because the butter is very very soft. I went to coach the kids after leaving the butter to warm up to room temperature and I forgot about it so it is near noon when I started creaming the butter. It is still tiring using hand to cream soft butter, so I think I did not do quite a good job, but as long as the icing sugar, butter and both types of flour came together, I just go ahead to bake the cookies. It ended up very well and tasty and melt in the mouth too. So I am not going to use the mixer for this cookie the next time. I gave a few pieces to my boy's piano teacher when she left. Wonder if she will give feedback....

the bunch of cookies

Mango pudding follows the cookies. Ya, I skipped lunch. The 2 mangoes cannot wait. They have been in my fridge for more than a week! I am suppose to puree them but too lazy to do so many task in this hot weather, so I roughly chop them up and mashed them with a fork to bits. I did not have enough (as expected) and I topped up with mango puree bought from Phoon Huat (unwillingly). I did this pudding in super fast speed because I still have ironing and dinner to do. Not very happy with the result. I think gelatin is not enough because the pudding is very soft, but again, the kids are very happy and finish the whole cup.

Here's the pudding (picture not very appetizing ya? LOL) and the link where I got the recipe from.

There are still many in my to do list .. but I still hopes to improve on the pudding...

So warm .. should I go get one cup or should I go sleep? :-)


Small Small Baker said...

I think u have enough exercise walking your children to school, plus all the housework. :)

You very on hor. Make so many goodies. :)

sherlyn said...

SSB, I though so too, but after a year of walking in and out, I did not shed a single KG. I only has lots of water loss perhaps
I am in the mood to ignore the kids and some housework to be able to get these few out. Dh is only back for weekends, so trying to bake/cook for him to try lor...

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