Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bread machine failure

No, no baking stuff today. Did tried, but ....

Wanting to try the soft soft bread machine chocolate bread again... was rushing to it because I needed to go marketing to buy ingredients before I can cook the dinner. I measured the liquid ingredients into the bread machine then realized that I have not measure out the butter! So I purposely cut it thin thin slices so that it will be softer sooner while grumbling that I should have tried using soft margarine instead. Flour in, all ready and the machine is set to run.

2 minutes into the process, funny sounds were heard. I suspected the blade is not inserted properly. Stopped machine to check but everything's ok. Restarted machine again and sound was not heard. After a while, my mother called to me (while I am scolding my boy in the study), telling me that the dough was not turning. The motor was running but the dough was not turning. The machine was stopped and bin taken out. The rotating device was found to be not turning, thus not turning the blade in the bin. Due to time constraint, the dough was thrown away.

The machine is now pronounced 'vegetable'. We have to contact Phoon Huat to check if they do 'limb' part replacement. So no more bread making for the time being. If Phoon Huat is not going to help, the machine will be pronounced dead. My $600 is going to be used to purchase new oven .. and some new baking tools since my mother will be taking some back to her new place... wonder shd I get a new bread machine .... This machine is still so new and has not seen many bread being baked inside ..... but yet ....

I shall end the post with the cooling tea I brewed today.

It is a mixture of chrysanthemum and 金銀花。Let's us keep ourself cool in this hot weather. Take care, my friends.


Small Small Baker said...

My bread machine also died. Have not make any bread since then. I must start learning to knead with my hands.

sherlyn said...

But thou I did housework daily, my arm power not good .. few days ago hand cream the batter for German melt in mouth cookie, and the next day, arm so painful... But I still had the thot of kneading by hand .. cos the action like wash clothes ya? push out .. bring in , push out.. bring in .. hehehe

Blessed Homemaker said...

That happened to my Bluesky too! I'll love to hand knead but very time consuming.

I've not made bread since...

sherlyn said...

*sigh* Blessed Homemaker .. I have heard a few of my friends' breadmachine break down after my posting and they too never buy again ... I don't think I am buying too .. Infact this one is bought by my mother who has those vouchers from Phoon Huat when she attend the demos 2 yrs ago. Like you say, using hand is really time consuming ... but baking bread is more practical and less fattening hehehe :)

keh said...

I was looking for a breadmaker n stumbled on red man than ur blog. Now I jus don't no to buy one or not.
R there other brand which r more durable

sherlyn said...

Hi Keh, thanks for dropping by. For me, I don't think I will buy. Since my friends (you can see in comments) also have similar encounters. Perhaps you can invest on one mixer that allow you to machine mix the dough then you hand mould. Anyway, handmoulding seems very fun.

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