Friday, May 6, 2011

Smooth top bread machine chocolate bread

Looks like I am quite free hor, able to have a new post every night. Actually I am not, just that I ignored the housework and my kids since my hubby is not around.

I made a bread today, a bread machine bread. No, not from the book that my dear friend has given me yet, but a recipe that I happened to come across and the blog showed great results and even give tips on how to make a good machine bread. It is from Cook.Bake.Love. Indeed, recipe makes a difference.

This time, my bread has a smoother top, a much much smoother one. However, I do not understand how come there is a crack on top and it looks like a big potato. LOL. Let you take a look.

I also heed the advice of stopping the machine 10 - 15 minutes before times up and I noticed, yes , no thick crust. Infact the crust is not noticeable at all! However, I am not sure if the bread is totally cooked, but it did sound hollow when I knock on it all sides using a fork. And now while writing this post and revisiting the recipe, I have put half a tsp less of yeast! I am eager to try again to see if the top will still be as smooth. I tried another recipe twice and both gave very ugly top. You can look at it here.
I can never cut thin slices!

Look ! Like no crust ya? ! And this is the first piece somemore!

A very tasty bread indeed. I ate two (the first and the last piece) right after dinner. How to slim down like that? No time to exercise and lots of time for supper.  

I am eager to buy a new bottle of yeast to try out again.  Let's see if this one remains soft tomorrow. 


Angel @ Cook.Bake.Love said...

The crust is indeed very thin. Thumb up!

sherlyn said...

Thank you but my bread machine break down liao. :-(

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