Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More tries on sandwich maker

 Previously, I folded it triangular ... this time I tried rectangular. However, the milk toast is not big enough!!! So one end is still not seal properly.
So can you see that the sealed line actually pressed on the bread skin? It will not work this way, so I still have one end opened bread.

I tried one more time, with two pieces of bread, but once the sealed line pressed on the bread skin, the part will not be sealed. 

So after two more tests, I think can more or less conclude that the bread need not be steam soft before it can be sealed.

Also, I will be using a new oven for future bakes. The old one is working but my mother who has shifted further away from me (used to be next block) wanted the oven back to do occasional baking, so she asked me to get a new one. With the limited tabletop space, I do not have much choices and thus settled for the below.

The salesman says this is the latest model, has double layer glass door for better heat retention, with light (a must for me) and got self clean wall.  However, I am not very happy with the wall that has coating that will come off. 

See, even before I use, the coating is already off a little. I wonder if there will be any problem with heating up this chemical coated wall... but I really have not much choice due the the space limit. I hope to start baking soon.


Small Small Baker said...

So good to have a new oven! How big is this? Give some reviews after u try baking with it. :)

Blessed Homemaker said...

I find that it's so difficult to use a bread cutter/maker as the sizes are way too big/thick for us. Just like my egg moulds from Japan, even a 65g egg (with shell) can't fit. I suspect a 80g will fit perfectly but how often do I get to see such big eggs?

Nice oven but the coating part that came off scares me. Do you think you can call the manufacturer to ask or complain since it is still brand new?

sherlyn said...

Blessed Homemaker, I think can still get the bigger pieces of bread.. must look around I guess. But it is convenient to use this maker to make bread with fillings. Furthermore, since bread is not oily, so washing the maker is not troublesome.

The coating scares me too, but really I do not have much choice, cos the brand sold in BEST is limited and I have to use up a voucher that dh exchanged using his credit card points which is expiring. The salesman mentioned it is due to this coating that the oven has a "self cleaned" feature.

No point to complain cos it seems to be wear and tear, ie tray in tray out so will hurt the wall. However, I guess I shd go try find out abt the "safe-ness" of this coating that gives the self clean ability. Not sure when can I do it, but am overloaded with stuff to do ... :(

Thanks for the suggestion.

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