Thursday, May 19, 2011

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Long time ago, when I started baking, I had problem trying to keep track of the recipes that I have tried. I even went to the extend of using Microsoft Access, trying to create a database to enter the recipes and to create keywords where I can based on when I need to do a search. Of course, this did not work, so I rely on my blog now to keep track of what I have tried before and the respective recipes. However, I think my labeling is not organized, but I guess I have to live with it since it will be another tedious task to relabel. I am not adventurous to try porting the whole blog to another new platform too.

Just a few days ago, I noticed a recent blog post from my friend's blog (using blogger) went missing. There were also comments in Facebook from other bloggers (using blogger too) that their recent posts were also missing. I am not sure if there are any "damage" on my blog, but it is not noticeable to me yet.

SSB from has kindly shared the way to back up the blog. I am going to do that now. I wouldn't want the recipes to go all missing. Thank you SSB.


Blessed Homemaker said...

Like you, I'm too lazy to start all over again. And like you again, I think my labeling is not precise but to relabel will take up much time. I'm already lagging in updating my blog so am just leaving it as it is.

sherlyn said...

Hehe .. so far so good, can still find what I want to find... cannot find then find other recipes :)
But my blog no fancy stuff cos i really dont quite sure how to work the extra features :)

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