Friday, November 23, 2007

Purplish Lariat Necklace


Did this long necklace from 2 plus to 4 plus (am) on thursday so
the whole of thursday I am so zombie.

I got the design and steps from the book "Bead fantasies", but the
beads used are slightly different. Its really difficult to get the same
beads. I hope I get the chance to wear it.

The dimention given in the book is too long for me, so I altered it. 
Looks pretty to me thou. All comments welcome (for
improvement mah :-) ).



serena said...

great job!

Apricot said...

nice !

sherlyn said...

Thank you thank you. But I hv not find a possible way to wear it. I m quite bad in fashion sense.

Anonymous said...

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