Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My 2nd attempt on Pandan Chiffon Cake

Its only yesterday that I bake the cake but i realised I hv forgotten if 
there are any impt notes that i shd take down. Was very happy when 
I see the cake rises in the tube pan, but still unsure why the cake 
rises above the tube.
It keeps rising and rising happily till almost reaches the top of the oven.
I know its gog to get burnt on top.  Shd not hv so greedy buy such a big pan. Its a 21 cm pan.

Tested at 30 minutes cos the cake is so sky high.
Got crumbs stick to stick, so allow it to cook to stated time. At 45 minutes, test, still got crumbs, but mum
 says its dry crumbs, so I just took it out, invert it. I hv prepared 
for it to sink since it rise so high.

Boy, it took so long to cool down. Anyway its dinner time.
Rush through dinner preparation, feel so bad that i bake
and neglected dinner (I anyhow cook the dinner).
After dinner, cut the cake and taste it. Hmm heavenly.
So soft inside, besides the compressed part. 
Taste just right as I mentioned in my previous post.

So I am still wondering the part on how come the cake rise so high ..
could it be due to too much batter? 
I forgot that the recipe is for 9 inch pan and and i used the full recipe! Could it be due to the reason that I forgot to add 
cream of tartar when i beat egg whites ?

Notes : Not sure if I hv over beaten the egg white by little
bits, cos when folding into the yolk mixture, I can see some of
them separates into little balls of beaten egg white. Hv difficulty
blending them into the yolk mixture.


Aimei said...

Hi Sherlyn

Chanced upon your blog from Happy Homebaker. Congrats on your second attempt on pandan chiffon! I liked pandan chiffon too and had attempted many times. Only the latest one sort of can make it. :P Mine rise very high while in the oven. I think it is like this due to the air incorporated during the beating of whites.

Look forward to your other bakes!

sherlyn said...

Thanks Aimei and for dropping by too. My kids like pandan cake thats why i learn to bake this. But they did not fancy this one that i baked. Maybe mine is not as sweet as those sold in NTUC or they had a change in taste. No matter what, will try again with a smaller batter on this pan. Do share with me your blog too.

Small Small Baker said...

If you have difficulties folding in the egg white, it may be slightly overbeaten. I had the same problem when I did my cheesecake last time.

Nevertheless, your pandan cake looks great!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Sherlyn, congrats on your success! The chiffon cake should rise very high. That's the way, as it will sink a little during cooling, and make it just right :)
You can position your rack to the lowest lever so that the top will not get burnt so easily.

sherlyn said...

Thank you HHB. I am glad the chiffon cake turn out so soft, and it is so tasty with the coconut frangrance. But with this tasty recipe, must beware of my waist line. haha.

i will try the lowest shelf the next round and see what happens.

JY said...

Hey.. I just seen this.. So good..

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