Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cheese Muffin

Made these a couple of days ago, but too tired to post it up.

A very simple recipe, taken from a library book that shows
recipes for children.

A very tough muffin was the result of the first batch. I used
cake flour instead of plain flour as i ran out of it. Purposely
put chocolate rice so as to entice my kids to eat but i reduced
the sugar by 20g. My mother thinks that I did not beat the
eggs enough so the muffin are quite tough. 

My mother loves the taste so she made another batch 2
days later. She uses top flour instead and this time the muffin
is not tough. My hubby likes this version better. Now we are
not sure if it is the beating of the eggs or the flour that made
the difference (thou she says she did not beat the egg too much

Wondering did the cheese matters, cos the grated cheese I got
from PH states hard cheese, not cheddar cheese.

One drawback, these muffins stick to the paper cases very well.

Here are the pictures of the first batch.

Heres the recipe


Flour                                    2 cups
sugar                                    1/4 cup
baking powder                    1 tbsp
salt                                        1/3 cup
grated cheddar cheese      3/4 cup
low fat cheese                     3/4 cup
whole milk                          1/2 cup (can use skimmed milk)
eggs, beaten                       4
butter, melted                   3 tbsps
pistachios, crushed

Method :

1. Pre-heat oven to 180 to 200 degree celsius. Put flour, sugar,
baking powder and salt into a big mixing bowl. Then add in
cheddar cheese.

2. Mix egg, milk, and butter together. Slowly stir it into the dry
ingredients. Mix well.

3. Pour mixed batter into muffin paper cups. Sprinkle crushed
pistachios on top.

4. Bake for 20 - 25 minutes. Serve.

Try it and share your tips if it is not sticky.

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