Monday, January 21, 2008

nutella cupcakes

I love nutella .. so I am very happy to see nutella cupcake
recipe. I follow the recipe from small small baker. Thanks
small small baker and precious moments.

Its so simple to do and it taste so good. Not sure if I bake them
too long cos it is a little hard (esp the crust) . I am also not
aware of the temperature since the oven thermometer is not
with me at the moment.

I reduce the sugar by 20g since it is fattening enough to have
nutella on top. Next time I will try reducing butter. The
cupcake also doesnt stick to the paper cups (the small one I
mean, big one have not tried eating).

Here's the nutella cupcake family. Not nice swirls, just don't
have the skills leh. Daddy and mummy cupcakes for home
consumption, junior cupcakes for kiddos' snack in school tmr.


Happy Homebaker said...

Your cupcakes look lovely!! I am sure they taste yummy! My kids refused to bring my bakes to school! They prefer to buy from the canteen stall :'(

sherlyn said...

Thank you. I owe all these to you. :-)

Your kids are older now and they probaby like to be the same like their classmates (ie buying from the canteen). My kids only in nursery and K1, so no canteen, no choice got to bring mummy's bake. hehe

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...


Fellow Nutella lover here wondering if you would be interested in celebrating World Nutella Day on February 5th?

Read more about World Nutella Day here.

Tell your readers, tell your friends, and let's coat the world in a big ole layer of chocolate hazelnut goodness ;)

sherlyn said...

Hi Bleeding espresso,

I remembering replying your post. Anyway I am not in singapore, so will not be able to bake.

Hope to celebrate next year.

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