Monday, September 1, 2008

A much better try now

My kids have been asking for Zebra cake. They told me,
"Mummy, practice make perfect" (erm, this is what I told my
boy on his music practice). However, I got to use up the yogurt
and to try Happy Homebaking's recipe which has different
metric of measurement (of the same recipe that I failed), so 
here I am, the low fat chocolate marble cake again.

 Sorry, I took a big bite.

Now did u see that this time is better? However, I think I can
still see traces of greenish colored parts randomly somewhere.
The cake still sank abit when cooling. *sigh* Must find out
what's wrong. Hubby commented that all my cakes sank.
Anyway, not that I am giving up, but I think I had enough
eating the same cake in such a short time thou it is really tasty.

The next time I bake this cake, I must remember to buy a
smaller tub of yogurt, or perhaps try a vanilla flavour one,
and to use a round baking pan then a loaf pan since the round
pan give a better result (or perhaps I am lucky this time).

没熟透, 不过我已烘了很久,蛋糕底部就快要焦了。我已吃腻了,
过些日子再尝试吧。 不过, 一定要记得用 Happy Homebaking


Small Small Baker said...

This cake is much better than the previous ones. Well done!

I was wondering about the uncooked bottom part. Initially I thought it was underbaking, so I mentioned about placing at the most bottom shelf.

Maybe can try baking at the 2nd lowest shelf? That's what I do. I suspect the lower heat is too high. Try and let me know ok.

sherlyn said...

ok, will try that when I next bake this cake. Usually don't bake stuff with yogurt, but eyeing to make HHB's nutella version for my mum's bday in sept (or perhaps google for a coffee flavour). Anyway this cake takes a long time to bake .. I use more than the recommended time for these 3 times, but still end up like that.

Happy Homebaker said...

I have been wondering why your cakes sank and uncooked? Could it be due to the pan size? Did you use the size as recommended in each recipe? As what SSB commented, it could also be due to your oven temperature. Do you have an oven theremometer? If not do get one it really helps, can get it from Phoon Huat.

sherlyn said...

Ya, ,my hubby say I shd solve the cake sinking problem too. Will the pan size matters that much if let say I bake it longer? I do have a thermometer, but there could be error in reading cos the thermometer cant be put straight for me to read.
Just came back from inlaws in the msia, so will not be baking so soon. Will keep trying and monitor the pan size and temperature closely in the future to see whats wrong. hmm .. a little frustrating.

Aimei said...

Hi Sherlyn

I also encounter this problem with the recipe. When I use the same recipe with yoghurt but added oreo chunks, the cake turned out very soft and fluffy but when I made the marble cake, some parts were very dense too. Hmmm...still trying to figure out why also. :P

sherlyn said...

Hi Aimei,

Nice to see you again. I have not solve the problem yet since I have not been baking for a while. Do share tips with me if you solve it sooner then me. Unlike you, I seldom do research prior to baking any recipes .. unless you call reading the comments of the recipe owner "research" .. *sigh* there is so much more for me to learn and so little time.

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