Thursday, December 25, 2008

White chocolate cheesecake and lemon cream cheese cupcakes

Merry Christmas to all visiting my blog. Ya, its christmas, but I am not capable of baking a log cake so with an expiring packet of white droplet chocolate and Philly cheese (good offer in NTUC now), I tried the white chocolate cheesecake from 孟老师's book.

The cake is a little on the sweet side, perhaps due to the white chocolate. Its also a little harder than those cheesecakes that I tried from coffee joints. My kids can't even finish a small piece, but they can finish the whole piece (which is bigger) bought from the coffee joints. This probably means that the cake isn't to their liking too. Had problem with the white chocolate too. The instructions told me to melt it and have it on standby ... I melted it and took it out of the hot water and it turns hard again when I am ready to use it. However, I am surprised that I cant turn the harden white chocolate back to "melted" state.

Here's the white chocolate cheesecake.

Besides the white chocolate cheesecake, my friend has provided me with a lemon cream cheese cupcake recipe. It's straight forward and doesn't require mixer so I went ahead to try out too. The cupcakes rises a little in the oven but sank when they are cooling, however, my friend's did not sink.

The cupcakes are so soft and light, and they taste fantastically nice. Both my kids had two on the first try. The down side is the sugar and butter involved. My friend advise to cut down on sugar and butter, so will have to try the recipe again with new proportion.

Here's how they looked. (Sorry, I do not know how to "collage" them)



serena said...

*drooling* that's all I can do. No time to try. How about we be neighbours? Sarah's recipe quite easy. Good for people like us. Didn't know Sarah is also into baking. Mayb she's a baker all this while!! Ha.!!! Anyway, HAVE a FABULOUS 2009!!!!!!!!!!!Yippee!!!!Pay freeze and I'm still so happy:(

sherlyn said...

I sure welcome you as neighbour .. cos i will surely benefit from you more than you from me since are are both a good baker and a good cook. keke

I think Sarah is a baker all this while cos she also bakes cookies.

Pay freeze of cos can still be happy, cos its the New Year. fabulous 2009, can only hope .. fabulous 2008 - cfm not. kekeke.

densar said...

Hey, your cakes look great! Cant really tell the cupcake sink. :)

sherlyn said...

Thanks Sarah. I took the pictures before they sank drastically. Thou sank, but they still taste so good. Thanks for the tips and recipe.

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