Friday, March 14, 2008

Custard cream puffs

Oh finally after so long, I have got something to share on

I made custard puffs today. Custard puff is one of my
favourite and I used to buy them often from Sin Lee Bakery (has
been closed for a few years).

I follow the recipe from e's joie website as recommended by
my friend. Mum helpped me out with measuring and preparing
the ingredients while i "cook".

I prepared the custard first. Put all ingredients in, keep
stiring, not difficult at all. Am very please with the custard.
However, after it cooled down (i did not put in fridge as
suggested in recipe), it kind of harden, like into a pudding. Not
sure if it is suppose to be that way. Am expecting a smooth
semi solid custard filling.

Then i prepare the shells. Not too difficult but i cant beat
vigorously as mention in the recipe since i used a small pot.
After that, i did not pipe the batter, i just spoon it onto foil.
I still remember my last attempt last year ... those puff sticks
to the baking paper. This time , its still the same. It sticks to
the foil. Look at the hole after i manage to peel the puff off.

Overall, the results is quite satisfactory to me. Looks a lovely
brownish crust, lovely yellow custard. Here are the rest.

a close up

However, i m not sure if I had the inside of the puff fully baked,
but i figure it is, since it is not sticky like the uncooked dough. I
am suppose to prick the puff, then dry it with the oven door
open for 10 - 15 minutes, but i m not sure if I shd turn off the
oven power first, so I prick and dry it with door ajar for 5
minutes. Anyone can tell me what shd I do after the crust is
nicely browned?

did u see the moist inside?

update : the puff did not stick if you grease the foil.

这是 custard puff (对不起, 不会翻译), 我其中一种最爱的
糕点。不是很难做, 但始终不知我做对了吗, 不知里面烘熟
不然 puff 就会粘着纸,puff 拔出来时,puff 底就一个洞了。


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Sherlyn, cream puff is something that I have been wanting to try...but I am always put off by the "cooking" part! I am never good with anything that has got to do with the stove :( Yours look good! and you must really treasure the time you spent baking with your mum :)

serena said...

See! Everyone will comment about spending time baking with your mum. You know why? Because it's rare!! It doesn't happen to us so we think it's really nice to bake with moms!!

serena said...

I can't comment on the puff though because I failed mine the last time and never venture again.

sherlyn said...

dear HHB.


My mother is complaining that this cream puff is too much work, better off buying them off the shelves. However, i just enjoy making it hahahaha. I rather like the cooking part, cos i feel that it is easier then using the mixer. I got to fix up my mixer everytime i want to use it cos i store it up due to lack of space.

Frankly, maybe cos I see my mum almost everyday, so I cant say I treasure it very much. But it is indeed good to have helping hands despite the numerous arguements and disagreements we have with each other.

sherlyn said...

Dear serena,

You failed your puff? I remember you did it alright and you even mention it is good on its own without the custard. Well nvm, try again soon and share with me your experience.

I think there is always both side to everything. Spending time with mum is indeed good, but there is also price to pay such as more disagreements and arguments. These things also weaken the relationship. Maybe for my case, the time spent is too much ? everyday leh .. it is as good as not getting married! You will see her nagging me staying up too late, drinking too much cold water etc etc. *sigh*

Esther said...

Hi Sherlyn

Your custard puff looks yummy! ;P
Look like those selling outside.
I never had a chance to cook together with my mum, so treasure your chance. Tho u see her everyday, that doesn't discount her importance in your life. Mothers' favourite hobby: NAG. lol...

sherlyn said...

Hi Esther,

Thanks. I cant really confirm if my puffs are correctly done though they can be eaten.

Ya you are right. Tho see everyday, cant discount her importance. ..

densar said...

To prevent it from over brown, use foil to cover the top.

Hmm, which mother-daughter never argue? It's part of our life to go against our moms, so will be our kids...Take heart, and appreciate when she's still around...

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