Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More beading projects

Wasn't baking anything new, and couldn't bake in the nights,
so went to do some beading projects.

My sister in law in msia wanted a crystal bracelet she seen
in a shop near my in law's house. So I made this one for her.

The one she seen is something similar but has no space in
between. I feel that it will be too much of crystals if so, thus i 
did the bracelet this way . Not sure if she
like it. Her daughter has taken the previous chain I made.

Saw the above necklace on a TCS star in the shipyard drama
shown quite sometime back. Like what I seen, so try
duplicating the style, but like previous, after it is completed,
it doesnt look that lovely.

Saw this on my boy's classmate's mother few weeks ago.
After taking a closer look (she lend me), and a few tips from
her, i manage to create another. She told me she also like it
after she seen it on someone else thus she duplicates.
Its silver balls on a tiny silver ball chain. I guess this can be
 wore to a wedding dinner with normal office attire. Not 
an easy job because got to squeeze the balls into the chain. 

而仿制的。银珠链是跟儿子同学的妈借来跟着仿制, 可惜戴在我
身上不比在她身上好看。哎呀, 怎么都是仿制品。都怪我艺术细胞


serena said...

Hey, I think all 3 beading looks good to me, not for kids that's for sure!

sherlyn said...

Thanks serena. I really hope I get to wear them.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Very pretty, Sherlyn! Love them all!

sherlyn said...

Thanks back in germany. Give them all to u ? ;-p

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