Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mango Mousse Cake

Had wanted to bake a mango mousse cake for hubby for his
birthday, but he fractured his wrist just a week before his big
day so wasn't quite in the mood to do anything major.

Now that his problem is more or less settled, so i went ahead.

Took the sponge cake recipe from a chinese recipe book
家庭小西点 that my mother bought at least a decade ago.
The sponge cake turn out pretty soft, but it is very sweet.
Did not note the ratio of sugar to the flour! But I wondered
why is it so soft and fluffy, is it the baking powder, or the
corn flour (ya it has corn flour as an ingredient).

Then I proceed to make the mousse using a recipe (strawberry
cake) from the book "Joy of making desserts" I borrowed from
the library.

The sponge cake is quite straight forward. However, the
mousse recipe said I should stir the milk and egg mixture
till it thickens, but after stiring for quite some time, I do not
see it thickens, so I just pour my gelatin in (instead of leaving
it to the  last as advise by recipe).

Called in my cousin to help with eating the cake since my dh
wanted to avoid eggs. She keep saying its nice its nice, but she
likes mango lah. My kids like it too (since it is chilled) and I
think it is pretty good too.

I think the next time I will increase the mousse and thin the
sponge cake. Its suppose to be mousse cake mah.

Here's how my mango mousse slice look like.

Here's the portion of ingredients for the amount of mousse I
made, so must remember to increase it next time.

whipped cream 200g
milk 150ml
sugar 100g
yolk 2 nos
mango bits 250g
gelatine 20g

Here's the original recipe (I replace strawberries with mango)

1 egg yolk
40 g sugar
60 ml milk
100g strawberies(mashed)
1 1/2 tbsps lemon juice
80 nl whipping cream( whisked till soft peaks)
8 g gelatine sheets
8 strawberies (with stems removed)

1. Soak gelatine sheets in iced water for 2 minutes until soft.
    Drain. Put into a bowl and place the bowl in hot water until the
    gelatine melts.
2. Mix egg yolks with sugar in a bowl. Bring milk to the boil and 
    pour into the egg mixture. Place the bowl over hot water and
    stir the egg mixture until it thickens.
3. Add mashed strawberries and lemon juice. Mix well.
4. Mix in whipping cream and the melted gelatine. This will set to
    become the mousse.



Small Small Baker said...

Wow, this looks really yummy! :)

serena said...

Hey, I m sure it's as good as it looks!

sherlyn said...

Thanks girls.

densar said...

Hey, cake looks good.

bACk in GERMANY said...

Two words: Wow! Yum!

sherlyn said...

thanks hehe, try baking it okie, you will know how tasty it is ;-)

Simonne said...

Can share baking books that u n joy ?
I'm thinking to get a few books
I have this same book by Shadow Kwan.

sherlyn said...

Hi Simone,

I enjoy books that has big colourful pictures and has steps by steps ( so no special books ). The books must use also simple ingredients.

Thanks for dropping by.

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