Friday, August 8, 2008

Cookies and cream cupcakes (2nd try)

Kids asked for oreo muffins, so I bought a pack of oreo cookies
with chocolate and peanut cream, ready to make another
batch of cookies and cream cupcakes.

As I did it in the night and want to minimise noise, I did
everything manually. Hand cream the butter and sugar, then
add in egg one by one, then fold in the flour. The mixture did
curdled at first after I add in the egg, but after some vigorous
beating, the mixture went back to the batter form.

I did only half the recipe, so doing it manually is still acceptable.
I reduce the sugar further to 90g as I put the peanut and
chocolate cream (the cream between the cookies) into the
cupcake as "fillings" rather then throwing them away.

The outcome : taste same as the previous try, however the
look of them are disastrous (so no picture this time). Think I 
filled the cup a little too much, or perhaps the "fillings" bubbled
inside, so I ended up with little volcanoes during the baking

No matter how they looked, the kids still love to eat. My cousin
get to try a little of it today (I made them 2 days ago) and she
like it too. Will be making them soon again for her.

孩子会要求了。他们叫我做oreo muffin。于是我买了oreo 饼,在

就像火山爆发,成品的样子有点儿不雅观 (所以没照片)。还好,

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