Saturday, October 6, 2007

Chocolate butter biscuit

I am not sure if this bake is a success since i cant say i know the taste of butter biscuits. This recipe taken from a borrowed book from the library, has no pictures to refer to. My end product look like this.

 Taste wise, alright to me, but my kids did not like it. It is too bitter for them (I love bitter chocolate). They are also very crumbly, easily breakable. I really cant describe it, since i m not good in english.

Recipe mentioned to use processor to "produce" the bread crumbs, but i use hand to rub in the butter. Anyway i did not manage to get any "crumbs". This step ends up producing a soft dough but i continue with the next step anyway.  The final dough is quite difficult to handle too. So soft even after chilling it for ard 45 minutes and I do not hv the time to chill it further to test (got to complete and rush my kids to sleep). I cant even use my car cookie cutter from daiso on it.  

During baking the first batch, I can see oil bubbles (like oil boiling) coming out from the biscuit. So fattening. The 2nd batch, I did not use baking paper and the biscuits swim around the pan (which  had boiling oil too).

Now I wonder will my dh finish it for me. Butter biscuit you know .. so fattening! Think this will be the first and last try of this biscuit.

If you want to try this recipe, please refer to the book titled "Fresh Baked" by Louise Pickford. I borrowed this from NLB.

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