Sunday, October 21, 2007

What is this, you may ask. This is the steamed moist chocolate cake, recipe taken from my friend's blog.  Thanks Pris and the originator (if she ever chanced upon this). I did not put any frosting, cos i did not hv condense milk.
Anyway it is already very soft and moist and delicious.
Hubby say very nice leh.

Not difficult to make since it doesn't require mixer, and no need for oven too (not heaty then i suppose). Wonderful! BUT my kids are not eating it :(.

Just wondering, did u see the holes? Are the holes suppose to be there?


JY said...


Well done!

However, I compare the 3 different cakes and yours seems not moist enough.

I have to be frank to u since we good friend, rite?

sherlyn said...

Sure u need to be frank with me .. if not frank enough, will make me angry somemore... so please throw all the comments to me .. esp negative ones :-)

not moist ? how to make it more moist ? already alot of oil and milk wor :)

Simonne said...

Nice nice! This cake is very popular! Hehe I made this as well yesterday/. I use UHT milk :P

sherlyn said...

Nice cake right? so UHT will be more moist?

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