Thursday, October 18, 2007

Non bake oreo cheesecake

Was saying earlier boy "complaint" I did not buy him an oreo cheesecake from McCafe right, so I make one using the recipe from Happy Home Baking.  

I replaced the base of digestive biscuit with square cracker called "Soh Da Bia" ( or maybe call Graham cracker ), cos I thot my cracker is wheat cracker, not as sweet so less 

Hubby say base doesnt go well with the cake. My boy ate one piece and when
 asked, he say he wouldnt want another tmr.  My girl din like the cream (which is the white cheese part). *she also dun take the cream frosting from cupcakes!*

Anyway, here are the pictures :-
  (Sorry, did not bother to clean the knife :) )

I hv to jot down here to remind myself, never mix milk into melted chocolate. Wanted some melted chocolate to deco the cake, but is not "watery" enough for dribbling, so i add in fresh milk.
The mixture changed texture to a sticky paste.  I even went to the extent to add hot water and it still doesnt work. In the end,  I added in butter (For the 2nd try hor. First try just cant make it). Somehow, i decide that even if it is not good enough for dribbling, i just use a spoon to "pour" the melted chocolate on top. Abstract art ya ? :-)


Happy Homebaker said...

It's better to use digestive biscuits or oreo cookies for the goes well better with the cheese fillings :)

serena said...

Hi! So good to see that you have link up with happy homebaker. Remember, I failed many times for my sponge cake too. I think I've lost count on the number of eggs and sugar used. So, don't give up on your sponge!!

sherlyn said...

Thanks Happy homebaker .. will use digestive or oreo the next time round .. one of my friend even told me, digestive is less fattening then the "so da bia".

Thanks for visiting too. :-)

sherlyn said...

Serena, coming monday my girl's bday. Suppose to bake her a bday cake, but haven master the sponge. Anyway she has strong preference for anythg chocolate, so will c how lor. I'll definitely not give up on sponge. This time will try the separate egg way.

*wasting sugar and egg is one thing, putting on the pounds is another, hiaz*

serena said...

Hey! Now that I can see the picture, the cake doesn't look too bad. Mayb you can use this recipe for your girl's birthday cake?!

sherlyn said...

hee hee, this is my bday cake, and it is just a few days ago .. my gal also dun take the white cheese part so no go for her bday cake.

JY said...

Oh yeay.. Happy Belated Birthday, my friend.

sherlyn said...

Thanks Jy.

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