Thursday, August 20, 2009

The 3 rings

I have made 3 rings recently. My friend just signed up a beading course and now that I have kaki, I have more motivation.

I shall call it "Brown Square in the ring".

I shall call this "Simply Purple".

For the moment, this will be "Rollie Pearlie".

The first and last ring was made by following instructions from the library book that I borrowed (Beautiful Beaded Rings). The 2nd ring was made following an online tutorial from here. I usually do not wear these accessories, esp after my kids are born. I like to make them though. Soon I will have lots of end products.


Anonymous said...

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Escorts London said...

I like the first ring a lot more. However the last two are beatifull also. London escorts

sherlyn said...

Thank you again, and it seems that you like brown alot. :)

Escorts London said...

Well I like blue, red and black colors, but gold and yellow/gold color accessories siuts me lot more.

sherlyn said...


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