Friday, August 7, 2009

More simple beading

Just completed what I intended to do for a long time. More bracelets for my girl. Isn't this candy pastel coloured one sweet?

Then I see another simple one from a library book I borrowed some time back. I did not note down the author and title, so cannot give credit here. The book just gave me the idea to match my bungle beads with seed beads to make these bracelets that looked like bangles.

They look pretty nice on my girl's hand, so I made some for myself.
Just for the record. My girl required 18cm of the elastic band, while it is 20 cm for me.

My friend has just signed up a beading course .. so lets hope with motivation from her (she keep making and making and making), I can also shorten my "beading to do list". Of cos, I should be starting my baking soon, since I already got my mixer. Time .... all I needed is time.


Small Small Baker said...

Finally got your mixer? Start baking soon ok. ;)

Small Small Baker said...
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Esther said...

Wow Sherlyn the bracelets did were just wonderful. Can start an online shop to sell already :-)

What kind of mixer have you bought?

sherlyn said...

Hi SSB. Yes, finally got a blue KitchenAid. hiaz, right after I bought it, the imperial grey went on discount.
Ya, wanted to try pandan cake .... but the cake flour in NTUC is out of stock today... I only bought the pandan leaves. I hope I can get the cake flour soon.

sherlyn said...

Hi Esther.... The bracelets are merely simple stringing projects, but I love the beads very much... if only I am a little girl.
Online shop? Perhaps hahaha cos if I keep doing and not wearing, I will have alot of "projects" stocked at home .. perhaps ... earn some extra money so that I can spend on my hobbies without much guilt. haha, but i think I will hv no customers leh.

JY said...

I like the flower bracelet!

Esther said...

U can advertise on MOCCA, Yahoo, SgClassified etc. Its free. Even eBay. U just need to register with them, upload your projects photos. That's it! :-) Since you don't wear, might as well sell it, right?

How much does the blue KitchenAid cost you?

sherlyn said...

Thanks JY, you want the bracelet for Huining? But I may not have the same colors anymore.

sherlyn said...

Ya since i do not wear them, shd sell them .. kekeke .. must wait till I go see if I can cost them :-p Thanks for giving me the 信心。

Escorts London said...

I like the brown bracelet :D
London escorts

sherlyn said...

Thank you for dropping by and thank you for the kind comments. But I seem to have a problem assessing your profile.

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