Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally - after almost half a year

Finally what? Finally I baked the peanut cookies that we usually eat during CNY. Before the CNY, I am so busy with cleaning, then CNY came and gone, then all those post of CNY cookies made me want to try baking them. After so many reads, I finally understand that peanut cookies are the easiest of the lot so I went ahead to buy peanut powder. That powder has been patiently sitting in my cupboard for roughly 5 months before I finally found time to do it.

Yesterday, I still can't get my cake flour from NTUC (trying to use it on pandan cake), so I use the time to make the peanut cookies. Thou it is easy, but I still took ard half an hour to mix the cookie dough. Perhaps my mixing bowl is too small, so I must stir slowly (excuse!) and also I did not use my hand till the very last 10 minutes.

Then I follow the "mineral bottle mold" method and has a whole 9" by 9" tray of cookies. I put them in without the egg wash (forgetful) so I took them out 5 minutes before the stated time (20 minutes) and do the egg wash. I bake then alittle longer than 20 minutes and took it out. Another smaller batch went in with the egg wash and I purposely baked it longer cos I feel that the 1st batch doesn't have the colour. In the end, they are quite brown!

As usual, my kids do not fancy the cookies, and half of them went down my stomach already. Luckily this recipe only uses 100g oil (excluding the peanut fat). I guess it might be better than eating alot of brownies.

The lighter ones are the first batch.
The first batch out from oven, so neat. :)

I followed the recipe from Florence's blog with some amendments (cos I ran out of icing sugar). I only had 38g of icing sugar, so the rest is compensated by caster sugar. Sweetness is still acceptable, perhaps cos I reduce the total sugar by 10g. Besides that, I just use the sunflower oil I used for cooking.

拖了好久才嘗試了華人過年吃的花生餅。要不是超市沒有蛋糕粉,害我不能嘗試pandan cake,那包花生粉肯定放到過時。做法不難,花的時間不久,大家不妨嘗試嘗試。我用的食譜來自Florence's的部落格

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