Saturday, August 22, 2009

Much awaiting Pandan Cake

I have finally baked the pandan cake, with the help of my new baby KitchenAid mixer. Here is the new baby.

I only use it to beat my egg white. Quite happy using it, and most importantly, the sound from the mixer is quite soothing and not too loud.

I used the same recipe again (this is my 4th try) and I take note to save some for cupcakes since my pan is smaller. I can't remember if I should mix the egg white into the egg yolk mixture or other way, but since the mixer's bowl is bigger, I mix the yolk mixture with the egg white mixture. Not quite used to such a big bowl, so I took quite a long time to mix both mixture together. As I blend, I see bubbles popping away.

After the cake went into oven, it rose very high roughly after 5-10 minutes, then as the time goes by, it rose and it started to crack. The final product after 45minutes is a pandan cake with a very explosive top. As usual, I use the lowest shelf and tent the top. I had to go out after the cake and the cupcakes are baked, so I troubled my mother to unmould for me when the cake is cooled, so I did not see the whole cake but the pieces that she already cut. This is how it looks.

As it rose so high, the condensed part at the bottom is expected. This time the pandan cake has bigger holes than the 2nd try (I did not have any cross section picture taken in the 3rd try). I find the cake very moist, unlike those sold in NTUC, but hubby say he like this better as those sold in NTUC are pretty dry.

This time the top is not evenly browned. It seemed to have a "vacuum" at the bottom of the pan, that is why the top seems to have sunk. This also happens to all my pandan cupcakes. Their bottoms are concave. I have 3 more packets of coconut milk. I hope to try again real soon.

買了個新攪拌器,用它做了pandan 蛋糕。 我还得一段時間才能習慣那又大又深的mixer bowl.
在烘爐里,蛋糕發得很厲害,蛋糕頂嚴重“破裂”, 但 裡頭其他部份,那些小洞洞,还真像外邊賣的。期待第五次的製作。


Talita said...

I heart my KA. I've never seen pandan.

Small Small Baker said...

Cool! So good you have a new KitchenAid. I only tried pandan cake once and it turn out shrunk and dense. No guts to try it again. :)

sherlyn said...

Hi Talita. Thank you for dropping by again. Pandan cake is just a kind of chiffon cake made with the pandan juice extracted from the pandan plant sometimes known as screwpine in some other recipes. You can google for more information and pictures of this plant. This cake is very delicious with the coconut milk and the pandan is there to give it the fragrance.
If you are able to get hold of the pandan leaves, give it a try. Perhaps pandan essence will also do? So sorry, not sure if there is a recipe out there that uses pandan essence instead.

sherlyn said...

Hi SSB, Ya finally got a mixer and can carry on baking. This is my 4th try liao... u continue trying lah. 不要氣餒。加油加油。

densar said...

Woohoo, Sherlyn, I love your new toy!! Especially if its red, so cool and brightens up the kitchen.

sherlyn said...

Sarah, then go get red. The sales assistant says that is the popular color and will never go on discount.

June said...

Wow you did buy the mixer. Was it a good price ?

sherlyn said...

Ya June, I bought the mixer (or rather my hubby bought haha). It is price at $699, a standard discounted price. This is always the price whenever the mixer go on discount, but always different colour at diff time. The salesman that serves me said that this is their way of balancing out the stocks of various colours, but red and white will never be on sales, he said.

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